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Thai Recipe With Essential Oils

I started making this recipe a few years ago and I have many variations. The following is the one that has become my favorite. Prepare Rice Noodles according to package directions. Saute onions, garlic, celery, mushrooms, tofu or chicken or shrimp according to your preference. Add in whatever other vegetables you prefer like BokChoy, Corn, […]

Using Essential Oils, Salt Or Sugar Scrubs – Recipes to Exfoliate For a Radiant Glow to Your Skin

Using Essential Oils with Salt or Sugar Scrubs is an amazing way to bring a radiant glow to the skin while stimulating the circulation of the blood and lymph system. As skin grows, it casts off dead cells. When this happens, pores can become clogged causing blackheads to form and make the skin look dull. […]

Getting Started With Aromatherapy – Easy Ways to Enjoy Essential Oils

Beginning ‘bona fide’ aromatherapy, beyond burning a scented candle or soaking with a pleasing pre-packaged bath salt blend, can be a little daunting to many people. All those little bottles of pricey liquids, electric contraptions, and fancy-sounding blends – how does one actually use essential oils to improve their health, happiness and well-being? It’s easier […]

Make Your Own Bug Spray With Essential Oils

It might be Fall, but in most parts of the country, the weather is still warm–and buggy! How can you find relief and still feel relieved that you’re not exposing your family to chemicals? In nearly ever region, mosquitoes and other biting bugs are a nuisance. Until recently, the solution has been obvious: Buy bug […]

Beautiful Skin Naturally – Essential Oil Blends for Mature Skin Care

It’s no surprise several of the world’s finest formulas for beautifying mature skin contain natural essential oils. Therapeutic grade essential oils used in aromatherapy are each selected for their distinctive healing action; many oils are specifically indicated for skin healing and healthy skin maintenance. Of greatest interest here are the oils known for their tissue […]